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Turkish-Ottoman gastronomy is one of the first in the world!


Obviously, to discover it, it is not enough to compare the kebabs of your neighborhood and assimilate the Turkish cuisine to the famous sandwich that has dethroned in Europe the hamburger … nothing to see, and do not expect to find it in Turkey! Kebab is actually a way of cooking,kebab means what is grilled, which means all meat including vegetables, such as eggplant kebabs. But this grilling culture is only a tiny part of what we will show you. The cuisine in sauce is another treasure of Ottoman gastronomy and we will introduce you to chefs who work on recipes found by historians in the Ottoman archives …

In Turkey, your palace will make you live emotions and you will go from surprise to surprise. Here we eat all the time, in town as in the country. This is not the ideal for weight loss will tell you, but …

restaurant-changa-istanbulImpossible to remain hungry!

You will always find somewhere a restaurant open even in the middle of the night. Meat and grill restaurants at “kebaci”, soup bars at “corbaci”, family cooking in “lokantas”, and I do not talk about pidés, börek, dairies and pastries. Do the test!
In Turkey, there is no “3 course dish”, you do not speak as a starter – main course – dessert or cheese, but in grandiose meals, where the tables are covered with plates of all sizes, Of all colors and flavors. You will discover surprising dishes, succulent braised meats, unexpected poultry recipes, and quite respectable wines to accompany them. The tradition of mezes and raki remains on the pillar of festive gastronomy.

A gastronomy at the top, another exclusivity of Tab Turizm

With us, you will benefit from the experience of a team immersed in local life, but whose Turkish-European culture makes it possible to adapt without mistake the local gastronomic offer to the Western palace to make the journey of your customers a Unforgettable gastronomic discovery.


And the Arugula, you know ?


These Mediterranean salad leaves, slightly peppery and crunchy, hard to get in Northern Europe, will accompany your grilled fish. The flavors of basil, coriander, thyme or dill, the mellow meat of breeders, will soon make you forget your prejudices and false ideas on the Turkish and Ottoman cuisine that combines the best of its three influences, Caucasus, the Middle East and the Mediterranean.

In Istanbul and Turkey, we offer you the best restaurants


Deluxe and high-end restaurants, typical and popular restaurants, trendy bars and restaurants, authentic taverns, roof bars and panoramic terraces, we have at your disposal an exclusive catalog adapted to each of your groups

And grandiose palaces for your galas in Istanbul

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