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Exceptional guides

All our guides are scholars and able to answer the most specific and unexpected questions of your customers, in any field whatsoever, concerning Turkey: culture, industry, history, economy, fashion, music, politics, sport, gastronomy and All that everyone wants to know without even daring to ask!

They are humans, pleasant, kind, listening, available, cultivated … They welcome you as they would welcome their friends, doing everything possible to please you.

No, of course, Tab Turizm Turkey Passion, DMC Turkey, and english-speaking receptionist in Istanbul and Turkey, is not a receptive just like the others. Working with us means working with a motivated team, of a high professional level, and fully invested in your project.


Sometimes our customers make us smile when they insist on finding their old guide in a new operation: “I want it to be Mehmet who takes my group because it is extraordinary …” or “I send this group but It must be Galip who takes care of it because customers still talk to me today! ”
Yes, it’s always the same song, whether they worked with Kenan or Gunselli, Muzafer or Ilknur, Can, Attila, Cem, Ibrahim, Göhkan or Sandra, they all want to find guides who gave them so much satisfaction.

So imagine the success of your next operation of several hundred participants with dozens of guides, (as our customers say), are genial, flexible, funny, inventive, reactive, and speaking english like you and me.


Yes, it is obvious, our guides are all top level speaking English as their mother tongue. Almost half of our team has been working with us for nearly thirty years, the others have been integrated gradually and have been trained by the core team. They are faithful and so are we.

Our guides are not simply guides with a program to follow on a file …. It does not work like this: All our guides are involved in your operation they have prepared with us, with you, and of which they too know all the details!

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