Living Turkey immersively and exclusively, this is what Tab Turizm offers, another approach to Turkey, an approach today that breaks with the banality of the products that have been on the market since the seventies And have not moved. Balanced, dynamic, new programs that showcase the great classics of the destination as well as the assets of contemporary Turkey. Immersion, discovery concepts for a clientele of the 2020s


Immersed and established for nearly thirty years among local actors, we have this ability, both with our sponsors and with our service providers, to speak the same language. To understand in detail, their demand and subtleties, to detect possible linguistic misunderstandings, passing master in the art of making the synthesis between the said and the unspoken in the intercultural dialogue.
An expert in Turkey and Istanbul, Jean Michel Foucault, founder and director of Tab Turizm, is constantly looking for novelties, whether hotels are opening or renovating, trendy restaurants Forgotten museums, archaeological discoveries, personalities to discover … Everything is a pretext for this “creative tour operator”, to make new exclusive travel concepts for a clientele in search of authentic travel, tradition, originality
grand-bazar Istanbul

Tab Turizm in Turkey, these are quality programs, ambitious concepts and high level guides

At about three hours flight from most European countries, Turkey is a perfect destination for short trips as well as for long stays. The richness of themes, history, landscapes and culture is such that you can come, go back and sometimes stay there.
péninsule historique Istanbul

From Istanbul to Anatolia, from the Black Sea to the Aegean Sea, from Cappadocia to the Taurus Mountains, everything is possible in Turkey.

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